Medical University of Gdansk

The Medical University of Gdansk was established in 1945 in Gdansk, Poland. It is one of the largest medical institutions in Poland. It is globally recognized as top universities in Poland. According to recent reports of 2022, it has been ranked 1st in Poland. The global rank of the university is 292 in 2022. MUG offers medical education to 5000 graduate and postgraduate students. There are almost one thousand teaching staffs in the university. The university has over one hundred staff holding professors’ position. The medium of communication and education at the University is English. The university focuses on research programs apart from theoretical education. It is one of the institutions which comes under the A+ category for Pharmacy and Laboratory. The university is linked with top medical schools internationally. It exchanges students and teachers with reputed university to maintain the quality of education. The campus has accommodation space for thousands of foreign students. There are four college hostels which is equipped with modern facilities. The students have a club ‘Medyk’ where they can enjoy and relax for refreshment. The university holds an annual sports program as a recreational activity for students. The university has a healthy environment for students and teachers. The authorities of the university evaluate and analyses the progress of students for better development. The Medical University of Gdansk (MUG) is one of the largest medical universities in northern Poland which is located one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It provides various different UG and PG courses to all the students coming for getting quality education. The university is NMC recognized and degrees from this university are approved across the globe. It is also good in ranking and it speaks a lot about the quality of education provided by this. The environment of the campus is safe and calm. All the facilities are provided by the University to the students such as accommodation, internet, food and many more. Students from the different nations study together and respect each other.

The Medical University of GdaƄsk (MUG) is a prestigious institution located in the beautiful city of GdaƄsk, Poland. Established in 1945, the Medical University of GdaƄsk has a rich history of providing top-notch education and cutting-edge research in the field of medicine. Students from all over the world come to the Medical University of GdaƄsk to pursue their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals. The Medical University of GdaƄsk offers a wide range of programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, catering to various specializations within the medical field. The faculty at the Medical University of GdaƄsk consists of experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to nurturing the next generation of medical experts.

The campus of the Medical University of GdaƄsk is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories, advanced medical equipment, and extensive libraries, ensuring that students receive the best possible education and training. Research is a cornerstone of the Medical University of GdaƄsk, with numerous projects and collaborations with international institutions contributing to the advancement of medical science. The Medical University of GdaƄsk places a strong emphasis on practical experience, providing students with ample opportunities for clinical practice in affiliated hospitals and medical centers.

The student community at the Medical University of GdaƄsk is vibrant and diverse, with numerous student organizations and extracurricular activities fostering a supportive and enriching environment. The Medical University of GdaƄsk also offers various scholarships and financial aid options to support students in their academic pursuits.

In recent years, the Medical University of GdaƄsk has gained recognition for its contributions to global health initiatives and its commitment to addressing contemporary healthcare challenges. The alumni of the Medical University of GdaƄsk are making significant impacts in the medical field, both in Poland and internationally, showcasing the high standards of education and training provided by the institution.

Moreover, the Medical University of GdaƄsk is continually evolving, with ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology, and academic programs to maintain its status as a leading medical university. The strategic location of the Medical University of GdaƄsk in the dynamic city of GdaƄsk offers students a unique blend of academic excellence and cultural experiences.

Overall, the Medical University of GdaƄsk stands as a beacon of medical education and research, attracting students and scholars from around the globe. Its commitment to innovation, excellence, and global health underscores the pivotal role the Medical University of GdaƄsk plays in shaping the future of medicine. For anyone aspiring to excel in the medical field, the Medical University of GdaƄsk represents an ideal choice, providing a comprehensive education that is both rigorous and rewarding.

The Medical University of GdaƄsk continues to build on its legacy, driving advancements in medical science and healthcare, and preparing its students to meet the demands of an ever-evolving medical landscape. Through its dedicated efforts, the Medical University of GdaƄsk not only contributes to individual career success but also to the broader goal of improving global health outcomes. With its unwavering focus on quality education, research, and clinical practice, the Medical University of GdaƄsk remains a pivotal institution in the world of medical academia.

Key Features of the University

  1. Every year, lots of young aspirants apply at the University for doing MBBS in Poland.
  2. So far, the university has offered quality education to thousands of students in various different undergraduate and postgraduate courses through 4 Faculties including Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology.
  3. Also, all the courses including Premedical Course, Medicine Doctor Programme, and Pharmacy Programme among many others taught fully in English language so that education can be delivered in an easiest way, especially to the international students.
  4. The university is also a part of International Research Agenda program which is provided by foundation of Polish science.

Faculties at MUG

MUG offers different programs which are being taught under different departments including:

  1. Faculty of Health Sciences with Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine
  2. Faculty of Pharmacy
  3. Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG
  4. Faculty of Medicine

Accreditation of University

MUG has received accreditation from World Health Organization (WHO) for imparting education to students coming from different parts of the world. Besides, accreditation from WHO, the university is also recognized from many other international professional groups.

  1. National Medical Commission
  2. Medical Council of Thailand
  3. Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  4. Medical Board of California (MBC)

MBBS Fees in Medical University of Gdansk 2024-25


Duration of MBBS at MUG

The entire duration of MBBS in Poland at MUG is six years where for the first five years the students will get classroom training. During the last one year clinical training will be provided to all the students. The Six years program includes internship as well.

MBBS Intake of University

In order to study MBBS in Poland and to get admission at MUG, the students need to take care of the deadlines as well so that they can apply on time and can get a seat in the university as well. The date of filling the online application usually starts in the month of April and the international students are advised to apply at the earliest as another the entire VISA process takes time.

Country Ranking of Medical University of Gdansk (MUG)

According to the 2022 higher education ranking of the Perspektywy Education Foundation, MUG is the first medical school in the country and 8th position holds position among the top ten best Polish state universities. MUG is also the most international university in the Pomeranian region (with 19% students coming from other countries).

Medium of Teaching in Medical University

The complete course of MBBS in Poland at MUG is being taught in English medium since last so many years, mainly due to growing popularity of the university among the international students. Education is imparted using the best teaching methods and methods which include traditional style teaching and modern teaching practices as well.

MBBS Eligibility at MUG State Medical University

The eligibility for applying at MBBS in Poland should always be taken care of at the time applying online. Beneath are some of the guidelines related to taking admission in MUG which needs to be considered:

  1. Students who plan to MBBS in Poland at MUG should be minimum 17 years old.
  2. The students with strong academic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology can apply for medical studies at MUG.
  3. At least 50 percent marks and above is required in all of the three subjects to study medicine at MUG
  4. The students with studying experience of two years of Physics, Chemistry and Biology can study medical.
  5. Good NEET score is needed to get admission at GSMU.
  6. The candidate must apply for the English proficiency test as well IELTS or TOEFL.

Documents Required in Medical University of Gdansk (MUG)

Under mentioned documents are needed for getting admission at MUG:

  1. Duly filled application Form
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Mark sheets and certificates of class 11 and 12
  4. School leaving certificate
  5. Scanned copy of a valid passport including image
  6. Certificates of extra-curricular activities if any
  7. All the documents must be attested by the relevant authorities
  8. A receipt confirming payment of fees

Visa Application Documents

  1. Keep ready the below document for Visa application:
  2. Applicant’s valid passport
  3. Latest passport sized photographs
  4. Visa application form
  5. On approval from the ministry, the future students can deposit the tuition fees in the university’s bank account.
  6. Letter of admission issued by the university
  7. Physical examination form or the health check-up form

Why Seek MBBS Admission in Medical University of Gdansk (MUG)?

  1. The tuition fee is quite affordable at this university and it is good for economically backward students.
  2. Students and faculties are supportive and cooperative.
  3. There is no any kind of discrimination noticed.
  4. All are very friendly and cheerful.
  5. Safe and peaceful atmosphere good for studies
  6. Cooperative and qualified faculties to assist
  7. Instruction in English for the international medical candidates
  8. Accommodation cost is also not very high
  9. Superb education facilities with necessary practical training
  10. The medicinal facilities are of international standard and great to learn.

Deadlines for MBBS Admission

The admission in English medium MBBS course starts in the month of July and new batches start from September onwards. The deadline for admission for the fall 2024 was 15th of July 2024.

Hostel Facilities

MUG student campus is located at D?bowa Street, which is stone throw away distance from the main building – Collegium Biomedicum and the Main Library and other University buildings. The campus has four dormitories which can accommodate 1000 students; all the dormitories have internet connectivity so that the students can stay in touch with the outside world as well while studying at MUG.

Availability of Indian Food in University

Hygienic Indian food is available and is served to all the students, especially Indian students who have different food habits and are more inclined towards eating vegetarian food. Also, various different kinds of Indian and international cuisines and dishes are prepared by the international chefs so that best food can be served to all. The cost of food at MUG is almost USD 1800 each year.

Indian Students in Medical University

There are many international students coming from different countries for studying MBBS in Poland

  1. MUG is one of the most liked Poland universities among the Indian candidates who plan to do MBBS IN Poland; the education level is much better and higher and meets the European standards.
  2. MUG is constantly working towards improving its clinical and teaching facilities. The university’ main hospital- the Invasive Medicine Centre is one of the most modern hospitals in the Europe.
  3. The University delivers practice-oriented teaching that matches the international standards and students post completing their studies from MUG can surely have a flourishing career ahead.
  4. The international students represent more than 15% of the MUG’s students and consist of more than half of all international students in Gdansk.
  5. Each year, many young aspirants come to Poland to study at the largest medical school in Northern Poland, also all the international students get the opportunity to take part in various kinds of exchange programs that are conducted by university.
  6. MUG has a modern didactic and clinical base and it is affiliated with abroad universities allowing it to impart international standard medical studies to all the students.
  7. Even the entire MBBS admission process in Poland is quite simple and easy as it does not require any entrance exam.

About the City & Weather

Gdansk is one of the popular tourist destinations in Poland and is fully equipped with well-developed business infrastructure, rich research, and advisory backup and highly educated human resources. The climate of Gdansk city is pleasant and the summers are not as hot as the rest of the cities in Poland and the temperatures vary from 20 Degree Celsius in day to 15 degree Celsius in the night. Gdansk is a high learning centre in Pomerania which is offering quality education to all the students since last so many years. Studying in Medical University of Gdansk (MUG) is undoubtedly a very good experience and the quality of education there is just excellent with some of the most renowned faculty. All together it is an overwhelming experience to study MBBS in the university.

Why MBBS in Poland?

The medical universities and colleges in Poland offer world-class infrastructure for students to pursue their careers in medicine. Those who aspire to be the best among the rest can easily apply to the medical colleges here. These colleges are well known for the great opportunities that they provide to their students. The blue card is permitted to the students by the country which allows them to settle down and start a career here. The tuition fees are affordable and thus it encourages students to pursue a career they had always dreamt of. There are ample of opportunities for the aspiring doctors as you will get the best of facilities.

Advantages of MBBS in Poland

The multifaceted advantages of pursuing MBBS in Poland are

  1. The medical colleges and universities are recognized by NMC and WHO making them reliable options
  2. Get the opportunity of pursuing an internship in state-of-the-art government or private hospital for an entire year
  3. Worthy and meritorious students are entitled to avail scholarships from the medical colleges and universities
  4. There is no hazard of sitting for an entrance exam as it discourages many students from sitting in an exam again
  5. Once you become an MBBS graduate you will also be able to sit for SCI Screening Test, USMLE, PLAB and other tests

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