MBBS in Uzbekistan

Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan is a popular choice among international students, particularly from India and other Asian countries. Uzbekistan offers a high-quality medical education at an affordable cost, making it an attractive destination for students seeking to pursue a career in medicine.Uzbekistan is a culturally rich country with a mix of traditional and modern values, providing students with a unique cultural experience. The admission process for MBBS in Uzbekistan is relatively easy and straightforward, with minimal documentation requirements. The language of instruction is English, making it easier for international students to understand and communicate with professors and patients.

andijan state medical institute

Andijan State Medical Institute

Andijan State Medical Institute is located in the city of Andijan and is one of the best medical colleges for MBBS in Uzbekistan. It is located 350 km east of Tashkent.

bukhara state medical institute

Bukhara State Medical Institute

Bukhara State University is one of the prestigious universities in Uzbekistan to study MBBS. It was established in 1990 in Bukhara city, Uzbekistan.

samarkand state medical university

Samarkand State Medical Institute

SSMU is a higher education institution in Uzbekistan. It is renowned for its quality medical education and rich heritage. It is a public university established in 1930.

Tashkent State Medical Institute

Tashkent State Medical Institute

The Tashkent State Medical Institute dates all the way back to 1918, when Turkestan People’s University established a medical faculty. For a very short period of time,